What costs influence the final price of your car?

When you go to buy a car, the vehicle’s sticker price is not the only number to consider.  In fact, there are a variety of additional fees and costs that will influence your car’s final purchase price.  Here are some of the additional costs that you need to consider when car shopping.

Filing Fees

When you buy a car, you will encounter a number of additional fees that will be added to your final cost.  Some of the most common fees that you should expect include the following:

  • Vehicle Registration Fees– This is about the same as when you renew your car registration every year.
  • Title Fees– Covers the cost of registering or transferring the car title to you.
  • Documentation Fee– Car dealerships charge this fee to cover the cost of processing the paperwork related to your car purchase.
  • Emissions Testing and Compliance Fee– This fee covers the amount that the dealership had to pay to ensure that the car passed the U.S. emissions inspection when it was received.
  • Advertising Fee– Dealers will often charge this fee to cover the cost of advertising the vehicle. Keep an eye out for this fee because many dealers will remove it, but only if the buyer notices it.
  • Dealer Preparation Fee– These fees are included in the dealership paperwork and are said to cover the cost of shipping and handling the car when the dealership first acquired the vehicle.


Add-ons usually come into play when you are in the finance manager’s office.  Add-ons are a way for dealerships to sell customers things like warranties, additional forms of insurance, and even oil change and tire rotation bundles.  Make sure that you listen carefully and ask qualifying questions to ensure that you know what each add-on does and what it will cost.  Keep in mind that finance managers are still salespeople.  While an add-on might sound like a good value, it really might not be worth it for you.  So, use your best judgment before agreeing to add-ons.


Many car buyers forget that they will be subject to sales tax and, in some states, personal property taxes when they buy a car.  While this isn’t really a hidden cost, it is often overlooked, and car buyers forget to calculate taxes into their final cost.

These are some of the extra costs to consider when car shopping.  Are you looking for the right health or life insurance on a budget?  If so, then contact the experts at Randy Jones Insurance Services in Pleasanton, California.  Our dedicated team is ready to find the perfect coverage to meet your needs and your budget.