Everyone knows the health benefits of walking. Walking in winter adds a few new benefits that many people don’t often think about. Cooler temperatures make for a brisk walk and when snow is added into the mix, it can provide you with a scenic view. For some people, walking is an exercise that allows them to relax and unwind after a long, stressful day.

Burns Extra Calories

Walking outside when temperatures are cooler will cause you to burn more calories. Breathing in cooler air brings your body temperature down. As the body tries to re-establish your normal temperature, it burns more calories. Trudging through the snow with heavy boots will also cause you to burn more calories as well. The added weight of a heavy winter coat, hat, boots, and gloves, require you to spend more energy. Your body may stay warmer, but you will still burn calories trying to move the additional weight.

Fresh Air!

Fresh air is beneficial for the body. Being trapped in the house forces you to breathe recirculated air that continually travels through your home’s duct work. Walking a few minutes every day will give your body the fresh air it needs to rejuvenate your mind and boost your mood. Everyone needs a mental boost every now and then. Taking a few deep breaths while you are out and about on your winter walk will cleanse your lungs, flushing away toxins and allowing fresh air to nourish the body.

Enjoy the View!

Nothing provides a mental boost like enjoying your view. While you are out walking, look around. Watch the snowfall and enjoy the sunset. Watch the little kids in your neighborhood playing in the snow. If you are feeling adventurous, stop and help them build a snowman. Any additional exercise you add to your walk will boost the benefits and burn more calories. Take a different route every time you go for a walk. This will change your view and allow you to see a different landscape each time.

An Extra Dose of Sunlight

During the winter months when we normally stay inside our homes, our exposure to sunlight drops and we don’t get the Vitamin D we need to remain healthy. Going outside in the winter will give you an extra dose of sunlight that your body can convert to much-needed Vitamin D. More Vitamin D means healthier bones and connective tissues. It is also essential for healthy teeth, skin, and hair. While your body doesn’t need an excessive amount of Vitamin D, it does require it for good health. A little sunlight is all you need on a regular basis to meet your daily requirements.
Walking in the winter will provide you with health benefits you can count on. Taking a walk in the cooler temperatures two or three times a week can boost your mood and shave a few calories off as well. Do you need help with your health insurance coverage? If so, then contact the experts at Randy Jones Insurance Services in Pleasanton, California today.