Learn why it’s important for single parents to invest in life insurance.

Financial planning is an essential part of keeping your family’s future secure. It helps to ensure that you’re taken care of for years to come. However, as a single parent, it’s even more important to ensure that you plan for your child’s future. If something should happen to you, it’s important to determine what will happen to your child. Designating a guardian is an essential step in the process, but more must be done. Raising a child is a hefty financial responsibility. Help give your child the resources that they need to succeed with the right life insurance policy. Learn why investing in life insurance is a must for all single parents.

Life Insurance Provides a Safety Net.

As a single parent, you serve as both mom and dad to your children. If something should happen to you, you don’t have the support of another parent to care for your children. It’s important to designate a guardian for your kids so that you can rest easy knowing that a trusted person will look out for your children. However, a good home isn’t enough. It’s important that you help to supply the financial support to take care of your child. Life insurance helps to give your child and their guardians the fiscal safety net that they need.

Life Insurance is Affordable.

With a single income, it’s understandable that money is often tight around your home. However, life insurance is more affordable than you may have thought. Investing in a term life insurance policy gives you the necessary coverage at the right price.

As a single parent, it’s important to protect your kids. Get the life insurance that you need to keep your children safe and secure. Contact us at Randy Jones Insurance Services in Pleasanton, California for assistance finding the right insurance policy for your needs.