Do stay-at-home parents need a life insurance policy?

When most people think about getting life insurance, it’s almost always to get coverage for the family’s primary breadwinner. As the coverage for life insurance is meant to replace lost income, this makes sense. However, this brings up a common question: Do stay-at-home parents need life insurance too?

In short, yes. While stay-at-home parents might not be generating income, they are responsible for many important family responsibilities. For instance, stay-at-home parents often handle daycare, shopping, housekeeping, chauffeuring, counseling, and many other day-to-day family requirements. While many might take these activities for granted, the loss of a stay-at-home parent would take a significant toll on the family.

If you were to consider the monetary value of all the services that a stay-at-home parent provides for the family, you would quickly realize that that these parents have significant financial worth. If you were forced to replace these lost services, you might find yourself shelling out a considerable amount of money. This is why stay-at-home parents should have life insurance coverages in place. Not only will this protection help ease the financial burdens of the surviving parent, but it can also provide a means of comfort during a very difficult time.

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