Here are some additional things your teen should know about safe driving.

When it comes to keeping your kids safe on the road, it’s important that you give them the right tools to succeed. While drivers training can help to teach your teen the basics, it’s important that you supplement their education with a few extra lessons. Check out these driving safety tips that your teen isn’t taught in driver’s education so that they can stay safe on the road.

Check Your Tires.

Your tires are an important aspect in keeping you and your car safe on the road. Keeping your tire pressure in optimum condition, and ensuring that your tire tread is in good shape helps to reduce the risk for an accident. Show your teen how to take good care of their car’s tires to reduce extra wear and tear on your car, and you reduce your risk of a blowout on the road.

Practice Good Car Maintenance.

Keeping a car well maintained can help to improve safety on the road. Good, regular maintenance can prevent breakdowns as well possible accidents. Teach your teen the basics of servicing their car and how to read their car’s owner’s manual so that they know when they need to take their car in for servicing.

Be Prepared for Emergencies.

When it comes to your teen’s safety on the road, it’s important that you teach them how to handle a roadside emergency. Equip them with the right emergency road side tool kit. Make sure they know how to use the items in it and what to do in a roadside emergency.

When it comes to your teen’s driving skills, these extra vehicle and driving tips they might not get in their driver’s ed program can make the difference in their driving safety and assisting others.  For your additional piece of mind, and theirs, make sure your child is well protected with the right auto insurance and that they understand what auto insurance provides .  Contact us at Randy Jones Insurance Services in Pleasanton, California for assistance finding the right auto insurance policy for your needs.