Here are some reasons why you should create your will today.

While you might hate to think about your mortality, it’s important that you make the proper preparations in case you die suddenly.  One of the most important preparations you can make is writing your will.  Not convinced?  Here are some of the reasons why creating your will is so important.

Care for Your Children

You know your children better than anyone and you know who you would want to care for them if the unthinkable happened.  However, if you do not explicitly name a guardian in your will, the state will be free to determine who will take care of your kids.  That’s why the best way to care for your children is by creating your will and selecting the right guardian for them.

Watch Out for Your Business

If you run your own business, it’s important that you have the proper safeguards to protect it in case you pass suddenly.  If you do not name your own heir, then the state will determine who will take over your business.  The best way to ensure that your company is under the right leadership is by specifically naming your heir in your written will.

Divide Your Assets

Finally, writing a will stops your loved ones from engaging in petty squabbles over who gets what.  If you pass without dividing your assets, the state will distribute them among your relatives.  However, close friends might be excluded.  If you would like to leave them something, it’s important that you specifically say so in your will.

These are some of the reasons why it’s important for you to create your will.  Want another way to be prepared?  Make sure you have the proper life insurance protection in place.  To find the right plan to fit your needs, contact the experts at Randy Jones Insurance Services in Pleasanton, California.  Our dedicated professionals are ready to assist you with all your insurance needs.