You can make a difference during this season of giving.

This holiday season, is a perfect time to show your thanks for all the blessings in your life.  One of the best ways to show your gratitude is by giving back to those in need.  This holiday season make an effort to give back by trying out one of these suggestions.

1) Donate Presents

A great way to give back this holiday season is by making sure that no child is forgotten in this special season of gift giving and receiving.  Sadly, there are many children who will not receive any presents at Christmas. You can donate toys, clothes, books, and other gifts to charities that distribute these items to children and families in need.  There is no shortage of wonderful organizations you can donate to all year long but especially here at the holidays – senior homes, foster care, homeless shelters, women’s havens, veterans groups and children’s hospitals to name a few. Your kind contributions will help ensure that every child knows the joy and wonder of ripping open a brightly wrapped present this year and that many people are not forgotten.

2) Save a Life

Finally, another great way to give back this holiday season is by donating blood.  Hospitals throughout America struggle to keep enough blood to meet their everyday demands.  By giving blood this season, you could literally be saving a life.  This is a fantastic opportunity to gather your friends, family, and entire community and host a blood drive.  If you are interested in donating blood over the holidays, contact the American Red Cross for more information.

At this very special time of year, giving to others at Christmas is one of the best gifts of all! We encourage you to make a huge difference in someone’s life this holiday season. We at Randy Jones Insurance Services would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy holiday season and a happy and healthy New Year!  If you are looking to get insurance coverage this holiday or in the new year, contact us.  Located in Pleasanton, California, we serve all your insurance needs.