Put safety first and implement these practices into your life for National Safety Month!

Every day, countless preventable accidents occur. To raise awareness about safety, National Safety Month strives to encourage the public to prioritize safety. From the workplace to the road to the home, there are lots of ways to improve your safety. Celebrate the occasion this month, and incorporate safe practices into your everyday life. Check out these ways that you can make your life a little safer.

In the Workplace.

When it comes to your office, there are lots of areas that could use a few safety improvements. As you go about your day, take note of the safety hazards at work.

  • Check for blocked hallways that impede access to exits.
  • Remove any electrical cords obstructing walkways.
  • Report any slippery, damaged, or uneven floors.
  • Check to see if your desk, chair, and computer are adjusted so you avoid any injuries.

On the Road.

Driving is dangerous. You’re controlling a heavy piece of machinery that has the potential to inflict serious damage. Take precautions on the road and check out these safety tips.

  • Abide by all traffic laws. They’re there to keep you safe.
  • Avoid distractions. Turn down the music, turn off your phone, and focus on driving.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Even if you’re a safe driver, those around you may not be. Keep a watchful eye so that you can avoid an accident.

Around the Home.

There are plenty of dangers in your home. Take precautions and conduct a home safety audit to see how your home ranks in terms of safety.

  • Check to see that all your fire alarms are working properly.
  • Inspect and clean your appliance vents to avoid any house fires.
  • Take stock of any poisonous substances that you have. Toss the old and store the ones to keep in a safe place away from curious pets and kids.

Be aware of your surroundings and implement safe practices into your lifestyle. For added protection, invest in insurance. Contact the professionals at Randy Jones Insurance Services in Pleasanton, California for assistance finding the right insurance policy for your needs.