Learn how whole life insurance policies differ.

When it comes to protecting your family, it’s imperative to invest in life insurance. It’s an important aspect in your financial planning so that your family isn’t left with any financial burdens. However, deciding on a policy can be difficult. For guaranteed life coverage with added cash value, invest in a whole life insurance policy. But, ensure that you choose the right type of whole life insurance policy. Learn about the different variations of whole life insurance so that you can understand all the different types of policies.


  • Non-participating. A non-participating policy is the classic whole life insurance policy. It gives you the coverage that you need. You’re guaranteed death benefits along with cash value of your policy for a fixed premium.
  • Participating. When it comes to your traditional participating life insurance, you’re given the death benefits and cash value that you’d expect of a whole life policy. However, as an added benefit, you’re paid dividends.
  • Economic. This type of policy is a hybrid of whole and term life insurance. It gives you the option to use dividends to supplement your life insurance coverage, and it increases your death benefits. However, it does not guarantee death benefits.


  • Excess Interest. When it comes to an excess interest policy, your premium is fixed. You have a set premium that you’re expected to pay every month. As the interest changes, your extra interest helps to keep up with your policy’s cash value.
  • Universal. This policy gives you all the benefits of a whole life insurance policy, with added flexibility. You can control how much coverage you want, whenever you want.
  • Current Assumption. With a current assumption policy, you’re at the whim of your insurance company. Your insurance agency adjusts your policy premiums for you.

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